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Ainul Husna Binti Ahmad Puad

Diploma / Stpm - Diploma In English Professional Communication

Subang Jaya, Selangor

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Hello! I'm Ainul, a diploma graduate from UiTM Alor Gajah. I have successfully obtained the Anugerah Naib Canselor for my final semester because I managed to got dean lists for every semester. In my final year project, we were assigned to create a product that is related to our program and has entrepreneurial value. As for me, I made a physical English tenses board game, which I named Galaxy Tense A+. This innovation meant a lot to me because of the hustle and effort I have put into making this project successful. Since my project met its objective, which is to help increase grammar knowledge among the players, I was granted an A+ by the examiner. It was such a juggle in a plate journey yet worthful. That was when I thought I wanted to pursue a degree in TESL. Being a teacher/tutor is one of my sought-after dream. I love sharing knowledge with others, especially something related to English. There is nothing more honorable and proud than when the people I teach easily grasp and comprehend the things I deliver.
Teknik Pengajaran
I once became a mentor for some of my batch mates during SPM year. My strategy to acquire some knowledge is by making my own precise and comprehensive formula that I then pass down to my friends. Element of fun was also inserted into my teaching to ensure the learners did not feel pressured and always engaged. It was good to see the significant increments in my friends' math results for their SPM trial.
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