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Pearl Apryl *******

(Dalam Talian)

Sarjana Muda - English Studies

Open University Malaysia (Sedang Belajar)

Labuan, WP Labuan

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Tentang Saya
Hello there! I'm Pearl Apryl Denis, a 24-year-old residing in the surroundings of Labuan FT. Currently studying English Studies, I find joy in language and literature. My passion lies in teaching, where I aspire to inspire and empower others through the beauty of words.
Teknik Pengajaran
My goal is to provide personalized and effective learning experiences for my students. Firstly, I like to do an initial assessment. This is so I am able to identify strengths and weaknesses by understanding the student's current proficiency and areas that need improvement. I also encourage active participation where I create a comfortable environment for students to ask questions and receive clarification.
Subjek Tahap
Bahasa Inggeris Tingkatan 1, Tingkatan 2, Tingkatan 3, Tingkatan 4, Tingkatan 5